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The Women of Color Community Lending Library is an interactive mobile library that features a collection of over 300 books written by women of color. With a permanent installation inside Zora’s House, the library also engages in regular pop ups at events, festivals, and organizations throughout the Central Ohio community.


Kylee C. Smith is an MFA Candidate in Dance at The Ohio State University Department of Dance. She is an artist-scholar who studies Black dance theory broadly, with a particular focus on Black women’s bodies in American culture and performance and dance as ritual.

In her text-based research and artmaking, she centers Black women to counter the status-quo and create a Black space where they are centered. Her current research explores a dance ritual practice that allows her and collaborators to commune with their ancestors and to (re)imagine alternate futures for coming generations.

She is a Black feminist archivist who works across multiple mediums to consider archive as a living, multi-temporal research site which presents rich possibilities for Black women’s survival.
The mission of the library is to illuminate the incredible and expansive nature of women of color, magnify our voices, and provide access to our diverse words and stories. Our goal is to provide a shared space for liberation, healing, joy, pleasure and community, rooted in the words and work of women of color writers.

Bring a Book, Take a Book

Come visit our library any time! (Located inside of Zora’s House.)
In order to “check out” a book, just bring another book to leave behind.
We ask that you bring books by women of color authors ONLY; in solid, readable condition.
Interested in curating an installation at your workplace or community event?
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