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Join Zora’s House and our Scholar in Residence, Treva B. Lindsey, PhD for Black Feminist Night School. An interactive online workshop series attended by over 1,000 dope women and gender expansive people of color around the country.  This is for those who use Black feminism ethos as a lens to process current events with a critical yet hopeful eye towards what’s possible. Complete with music. Vibes. Wine. Real talk.


So whether the phrase “Black feminist ethos” gives you a warm and fuzzy feeling, or the phrase leaves you confused, yet curious; you are welcome in this conversation.


Dr. Treva Lindsey is an Associate Professor and the Chair of Undergraduate Studies of Women’s, Gender, and Sexuality Studies at The Ohio State University. Her research and teaching interests include African American women’s history, black popular and expressive culture, black feminism(s), hip hop studies, critical race and gender theory, and sexual politics. She is the author of recently released America, Goddam: Violence, Black Women, and the Struggle for Justice.


What does it mean to exist in Black Feminist Community? How do we negotiate relationships with Black women/femme leaders who do not share a black feminist ethos? (I’m looking at you, Kamala!) What responsibility do we have to each other as Black women, regardless of personal politics? How do we protect each other from racist and sexist attacks on our Black womanhood, and also hold space for real, and important critique? ALL OF THE QUESTIONS. All of the discussion. Join us!

In Honor of Women’s History Month, join us for an exploration of what history looks like when black women’s stories and voices are elevated. How does “history” change when told from OUR perspective? What is a black feminist ethic around memory keeping, witness, and documenting our communal histories? People will be telling the story of 2020 for a long time. We’ll explore how to do so with a black feminist perspective at the forefront!

Freedom Dreaming is a tool that invites us to create the world we dream of by, first, visualizing the future we want to live in, and second, determining the actions that will lead us there. Bring yourself, a tasty beverage, and some vision boarding supplies! Join us for a creative and healing conversation to close out 2020 and vision our “freedom dreams” for 2021. WOC only. It will be a VIBEEEEE.

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