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“Zora’s House is a collective sisterhood that allows women to cultivate dreams, build up self and others, and celebrate both successes and challenges that we find along our respective journeys.”
– Fariha T
“Zora’s House is all the things it needs to be. A refuge, a safe space, a quiet place. Our place.”
– Sandra E
“Zora’s House is what I and many women need in their life. I am forever grateful for the growth it provided my soul, life, and career.”
– Regina P
“Zora’s House is a space where I show up as my authentic, imperfect, vulnerable self and still feel worthy, powerful, and dope in the company of brilliant women who look like me.”
– Deauna G
“Zora’s House is everything I needed for healthy sisterhood in this season of my life. I am grateful for the genuine solidarity. Every woman I have met has been kind and open hearted. As someone new to Columbus, I was nervous about meeting other women of color. However, Zora’s House has been so warm and welcoming from the moment I stepped inside.”
Dianne Foote is with Rachael Scott and Scott Woods. July 11 at 9:16 AM - Good morning. Yesterday I got to experience the most peaceful space I've been in to date. Zora's House is the absolute most welcoming, safest, peaceful place I've ever been in as a Black woman. I attended a writing circle July 10. The women that were present were beautiful, strong, loving and kind. Each of them had a purpose and love for writing. Each of them shared a part of themselves. The house was bright, but not blinding. Clean but "lived in". Aesthetic but not overwhelming. Well endowed but not cluttered. It is a space where your feminine spirit is free to move about and interact without a single hesitation. The hosts opened the space and their hearts to all of us. It was an absolutely enjoyable experience and I encourage all writing women of color to go and share this experience at least once. You will see your freedom before you leave. Special shoutout to Streetlight Guild for making my visit possible. I can never thank you enough.
Whitney E. Bell recommends Zora's House. January 7. Last Friday was my first time at Zora's House and I loved it! The atmosphere is great, LC is great, the ladies who there utilizing the space was great, the ambassador Who was there to greet me were great, and I got sooooooooo much done! I am not a member yet, but will be in the next week or two... I am currently rearranging my work schedule so I can spend my Friday afternoons at Zora's House! I need that "me/we time" on a regular basis! This space is such a treasure! I am looking forward to getting things done, meeting and making new friends, and enjoying being the brown skin woman that I am all while in the comforts of Zora's House!
“Women of color from various backgrounds, places, and lived experiences approach the purple door, and when they open it, they find exactly what they need.

A workspace. A party. A think tank. A playground. A library. Food. Water. Shelter. Coffee and wine. Solidarity. Understanding. Community. Peace. A space to cry. A space to laugh. A space to be vulnerable. A space to be our full selves.”
“Since becoming a member of Zora’s House, I’m able to reach that happy medium of comfort and kinship. I can be productive and interact as needed. It’s comfortable, it’s safe, it’s caring, and I wouldn’t be any other place.”
Melissa C
Jasmine R
“Zora’s House is so maternal that it actually teaches each woman of color who steps into this space how they deserve validation from this world that insists on keeping them at the margins. In other words, Zora’s House taught me how the world should treat me.”
– Jasmine R
“Zora’s House is a place where I can be centered and find peace in knowing that I am not alone. I feel love, I feel family, I feel connected, I feel whole.”
– Sydnee C.
“As an ambassador at Zora’s House, I have found the space to step outside of my introverted nature and embrace new ideas and relationships. Sometimes we sit in silence and it’s ok. Zora’s House is the safe space I never knew I needed. It’s home.”
– Lynne W


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