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Our Community Leadership Lab provides an opportunity for participants to explore their passions or expand their skills or expertise through the design and implementation of an event, workshop, or community group.


There are many reasons you might want to host a community event or workshop. 

To Build Your Expertise and Credibility In An Area You Are Passionate About

To Build Community Around An Area You Are Passionate About

To Meet And/Or Serve More Clients For Your Small Business

Because You Are Excited About An Idea or Cause And Want To Host A Dope Event Around It


Through the Community Leadership Lab, Zora’s House has aided more than thirty women of color with the subsidized space rentals, marketing, and curriculum design support they needed to successfully execute their ideas in our community.

“Hosting the Working Cures poetry reading was about the practice of community. The poets, the attendees and the emphasis was all about a particular type of coming together that only happens at Zora’s House.” – Tyiesha (Host of Working Cures)


Community Partnership applications will reopen in May.


At Zora’s House, our mission is to help women of color live their best lives and do their best work, all within a curated atmosphere of sisterhood and support. Our events tend to have three main themes: Connect, Empower, Elevate (see our Programs page for more info) but have taken the form of skill building workshops, book clubs, nature walks, pole dancing classes, and everything in between!

Both members and non-members can rent space and host private events at Zora’s House. A space reservation is booked and paid for by the organizer and can be closed or open to the public. Other than being hosted in the space, the event is not marketed or endorsed by Zora’s House.

On the other hand, Zora’s House works with Community Leadership Lab participants to create and market programs affiliated with the Zora’s House brand and community.

It does not cost money to be a Program Partner. 

Rather than charging a space rental fees, we do a 80/20 split of all ticket sales (20% Zora’s House, 80% Community Leadership Lab Participant). That way, our Partners don’t have to come out of pocket with hefty rental fees without knowing how many tickets will be sold. In other words, we don’t get paid unless you do!

Some of the benefits of participating in the Community Leadership Lab include:

  • Free space rental at our awesome facility for your event
  • Exposure to our engaged and awesome community of kick ass women of color
  • Marketing and logistics support for your event
  • Affiliation with the Zora’s House mission, brand, and vision of uplifting and empowering women of color in Central Ohio

We have three requirements of our Community Leadership Lab participants:

  • Event must be led by, feature, or marketed to women of color
  • Program Partners must agree to special pricing for Zora’s House members
  • Partners must be willing to collaborate with the Zora’s House team on all marketing materials, event descriptions, graphics, etc.

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