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The Ambassador Program is an intergeneration, six month service, growth and learning experience for those who want an opportunity to expand their network through first hand engagement at Zora’s House.


In addition to leadership opportunities and a behind-the-scenes purview of our work, Ambassadors receive fellowship and mentorship, personal and professional development, as well as strategic connections with other Zora’s House members.


Through regular interaction with a diverse group of interesting and inspiring women, our Ambassadors have a unique opportunity to better themselves, their careers, and their communities, while simultaneously empowering other women of color.


Ambassadors are the first people that visitors see when they enter Zora’s House or pass through for events. Expect to be interacting with many different people from many different walks of life, and be able to present Zora’s House and its partners positively, while fielding questions and forwarding inquiries to appropriate parties


Zora’s House is a space where people connect, and you should see yourself as an empowered connector. You’ll get to know our members as you work in the space, and should aim to familiarize yourself with as many people as you can. Introduce members to each other in a thoughtful and effective way. We’re much more effective at working when we work as a community, and we want you to reinforce that community.


As an Ambassador, you’ll go behind the scenes of Zora’s House and learn what it takes to run and grow a social justice startup. You’ll make friends, help launch community initiatives, challenge yourself, and be supported in whatever personal or professional goals are front and center in your life right now.


We are seeking women who are observant, warm, dependable, smart, who do not have a problem helping out with logistics around the space, are comfortable ‘getting your hands dirty’ and love to be around other people.


The ideal applicant will have a passion for supporting and uplifting women that aligns with the Zora’s House mission of empowering women of color to live their best life and do their best work. The candidate will be able to fully commit to weekly shifts at the house as well as once per month cohort meetings during the 6 month-program.


While Zora’s House Ambassadorship is not a paid position, we’ve created this opportunity in hopes that you will get as much as you give, if not more! When you become a House Ambassador, you receive:

  • An unlimited membership to the Zora’s House coworking space during your Ambassadorship.
  • Unlimited personal and business value, including powerful relationships with dope women of color sistafriends, accountability partners, strategic collaborators, and much more!
  • Curated, thoughtful introductions to  movers and shakers in the Columbus community.
  • Monthly, facilitated Ambassador Dinners to support your attainment of personal and professional goals identified at the beginning of the Ambassador period.
  • References from core Zora’s House team members to put on your resume going forward.


We realize we’re asking for a time commitment, so we assume you know your schedule well enough to know when to say ‘no’ to an opportunity like this. As an Ambassador, you should be able to commit to the following:

  • Shift Coverage: All Ambassadors are required to commit to working 8 hours per week. (Hours of Operation: M/W/F 10 am to 6 pm and Saturday 10 am to 2 pm)
  • Attend 80% of monthly Ambassador Dinners (4 out of 6 dinners). Our Ambassador Dinners give us the opportunity to connect with each other and get updated on everything pertaining to Zora’s House.
  • Commit to one of our amazing ZH Councils: Tribe Happiness, Special Events, Curation.
  • Volunteering at ZH Events: Ambassadors are required to volunteer for at least three events during the 6- month cohort. It can be either virtual or in-person.


Each House Ambassador cohort runs for six consecutive months. Our next cohort begins in June 2022. Please fill out the application below to be considered for our upcoming cohort.